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New opportunities for automotive computers, connector indust

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  • Today, the car has become an indispensable means of transport, people in the process of using the car will continue to apply the computer technology to the car, so that the car constantly intelligent.
        In the automotive parts for special requirements (safety), all kinds of auto parts, automotive wiring harness, car computer connectors have higher requirements, widely used in car computer, computer wire harness connector, there will be more opportunities? Will the automotive computer connector become a new target for the business?

    The car on the computer and driving computer (ECU), the computer control module (electronic control unit); is the use of simple logic gates and integrated circuit principle to deal with some simple electronic signals and operations. The sense of the various parts of the vehicle sensor test results, and transmitted to the computer control processing after the operation of the engine output signal to the engine control module (operation of fuel injection system and ignition advance are general.) are installed on the computer running the driver's seat under the dashboard or near the wiper linkage. The intelligent vehicle information system as the representative of the automobile computing platform (central computing system) involves computers, automotive electronics, communication protocol, wireless transmission, GIS/GPS technology, product development is difficult, the current research in this field has just started in the world.

    Development history
     At the beginning of 90s, the concept of intelligent public transportation system (ITS) was proposed. The intelligent vehicle (IV) is an important part of the intelligent transportation system. IV technology includes computer, mobile communication and automatic control of the vehicle more comfort, entertainment, safety and convenience of various technology and information based on PC platform vehicle is the foundation and necessary condition for IV technology. The 1998 world software giant Microsoft put forward the concept of AutoPC, and is devoted to the development and establishment of AutoPC software platform, its purpose is to create a PC market, so that people can use usually use at home and the company's WEB service in the car, so as to realize the establishment of automobile information network "Connected Car" concept. Authority forecast: network communication and electronic information processing will become the basic configuration of the car in twenty-first Century. The car E is safe and convenient, by information, entertainment and high-speed wireless communication etc., so the vehicle multimedia requirements are: integrates a plurality of functions, to create the greatest value in the limited space for the user. E enables the car to drive, work, life, games and other fun in one. Fierce competition in the automotive industry, so many manufacturers through the introduction of new models, improve the configuration, quality of service and the vehicle to enhance the competitiveness of the price. E for many automobile manufacturers in building brand image, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises to bring new ideas and theoretical innovation. In 2003 ten Chinese Academy of Sciences proposed the establishment of the national automobile computing platform report attaches great importance to the central government, the state issued a draft in the second half of 2005, began to build the national automobile computing platform project, Weifang ideal Electronics Co. Ltd. is involved in the field of industrial policy in the background of this country. Vehicle information system (Auto Computer) with embedded hardware platform and embedded operating system, on the basis of a variety of functions and provides information related to the car, including the multimedia information system, GPS navigation system, wireless Internet, vehicle fault detection. It can meet the communication, entertainment, positioning, navigation, alarm, fault detection and other needs, can be applied to personal entertainment, mobile office, public emergency command, transportation scheduling, security monitoring and other fields.

    application prospect
       According to research institutions predict that in the next five to ten years, the global sales of intelligent vehicle information system products will maintain a high growth. Forecast to 2010, the product of intelligent vehicle information system in Europe and Japan, the sales volume of 70 million units; by 2015, Europe and Japan's sales volume of 89 million units. ISupplli's latest report shows that China's automotive electronics consumer CAGR will increase from $416 million in 2007 to $1 billion 450 million in 2002, an increase of 28%. And China's spending in this area will account for 10% of the world. China's automobile consumer electronics market, automobile, electronic information two major industries have formed a huge scale, and produce a strong interaction, mutual integration, the rapid development of the common.

    Automotive computing platform

            The intelligent vehicle information system as the representative of the automobile computing platform (central computing system) involves computers, automotive electronics, communication protocol, wireless transmission, GIS/GPS technology, product development is difficult, the current research in this field has just started in the world. In the traditional automotive electronics enterprises as an example, because it does not have the cross industry and technology reserves and development capabilities, products of inertia and duplication of investment and other factors in addition to the traditional automobile electronic products, some of the traditional big automotive electronics enterprises are not yet involved in this field, it also has brought great opportunities to Chinese enterprises. Our research in this field started early, and cooperation with a number of colleges and universities, to carry out technology research and development, made a lot of technical reserves in recent years, invested a total of 5 million R & D funds, made a series of research results, some achievements reached domestic and international leading level. Our car computer in the country is earlier, but also the product of the early commercialization of the unit, in the international has not yet seen a completely similar products, so we have obvious advantages. At the same time, the state of intelligent transportation (ITS) also introduced a corresponding preferential policies to promote the development of the industry. Development of intelligent transportation (ITS) has been written in our country in 11th Five-Year comprehensive transportation system development plan, the national automobile computing platform project is about to start in the country under the auspices of the relevant departments in the country. Therefore, the application of intelligent vehicle information system market in China has formed a huge industrial demand, its industrial development is about to enter the fast lane


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