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Advantages of connectors

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  • Connectors, CONNECTOR connectors, also known as the plug and socket. Generally refers to the electrical connector. Two active devices connected to the device, the transmission of current or signal. It is widely used in aviation, spaceflight, national defense and other military systems. Connector is a part of our electronic engineering and technical personnel often contact. Its role is very simple: in the circuit is blocked or isolated from the circuit, the bridge between the communication, so that the current flow, so that the circuit to achieve the intended function. Connector is an indispensable component of electronic equipment, the current flow through the passage of observation, you will always find that there is one or more connectors. Connector form and structure is changing, with the application of the object, frequency, power, application environment, and so on, there are various forms of connectors.

    Advantages of connectors:
    1  improve the production process, connectors simplify the assembly process of electronic products. Also simplifies the batch production process;
    2  easy to repair, if the failure of a certain electronic components, connectors can be quickly replaced when the failure of components;
    3  Easy to upgrade, with the technical progress, equipped with connectors can be updated when the component parts, with a new, more sophisticated components to replace the old;
    4  Improve design flexibility, use connectors to allow engineers to design and integrate new products, as well as components with a component system, there is greater flexibility


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