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Knowledge of connector plating

  • 时间:2016-11-11 15:55 点击:
  • In the connector plating, due to contact with the higher requirements of electrical properties, gold plating process has obvious important position in the connector plating, in addition to the current part of the connector strip by selective plating technology, the remaining parts of the pinhole hole is still used for gold plating plating and vibration in recent years. The connector volume development to more miniaturization, the pinhole parts of the hole plating quality problems become increasingly prominent, the quality of the gold layer users are increasingly high requirements, some users of the gold layer appearance quality even reached very picky, in order to ensure that the key of several kinds of common quality problems always raise the quality of gold plated connectors force connector gold plating layer quality, the quality of produced here is the reason, one by one analysis discussion.

    1.Gold layer color is not normal

            Connector gilt color and normal gold layer with gold color is not consistent, or different parts of a layer of color matching products in different.

    2.Effect of gold plating on raw materials

         When the tolerance level impurity chemical materials added to the plating bath with more than gold plating solution will soon affect the color and brightness of the gold layer, if the influence of impurities will appear dark gold layer and blur phenomenon, hall slot specimens and check the dark floating position is not fixed, if the metal impurities interference will cause the current density range narrowed, Hall cell test specimens show the current density is not bright or low-end high-end plating is not bright, reflected in the plating coating is red or even black holes, the color change is obvious.

    3.Gold plating current density is too large

      The total area of the plating tank parts the numerical calculation error is greater than the actual surface area of the gold plating current is too large, or when the amplitude of vibration by electroplating gold is too small, so all or part of tank plating gold coating was rough, visual red gold layer.

    4.Gold plating solution aging

       The use of gold plating solution is too long, the excessive accumulation of impurities in the bath will inevitably lead to the color of the gold layer is not normal

    5.Changes of alloy content in hard gold deposits

       In order to improve the hardness and wear degree of the connectors, connector plating generally adopts hard gold plating technology, which is widely used in gold and cobalt alloy of gold and nickel alloy, while the content of cobalt and nickel in the solution changes will cause the gold plating color change, if the cobalt content in liquid layer of high gold color is red and if the nickel content of high metal color lighter


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